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Strategic Plan:

In looking toward the future, the District has developed a strategic plan to help ensure the best and most accessible healthcare possible in Southwest Colorado.  The goals and strategies identified in our strategic plan drive the allocation of resources, both time and dollars, for the next three to five years. The District’s strategic plan can be thought of as a yardstick by which to report and measure organization progress.

In today’s dynamic environment, the District also recognizes that it is also necessary to be flexible to accommodate unanticipated changes, unforeseen challenges as well as opportunities to further our mission in our community. It is for this reason that our strategic plan is a fluid document and is revisited as often as necessary.

In July of 2017, the District identified the following items in our strategic plan as areas to focus our attention:


  • Develop and support plans to utilize soon-to-be vacated space upon completion of construction of the new 20-bed inpatient wing and 25,000 square foot medical office building


  • Modernization of lease agreement language between Southwest Health System and Montezuma County Hospital District


  • Identify and apply for grants available for additional facilities (or existing facilities upgrade), equipment, and healthcare needs of Southwest Health System and the community


  • Continue to look for additional funding sources (i.e. selling PUDs, Southwest Memorial Foundation, etc.)


  • Interaction in the community communicating the benefits of a locally-run health system and district board for local healthcare needs


  • Continue to recruit new Board members


  • Continued collaboration between Montezuma County Hospital District and Southwest Health System

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